Why Do People from the UK Move to Greece?

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Considering a move to Greece? Greece is an attractive choice for those considering a move due to its warm Mediterranean climate, beautiful scenery, reasonable cost of living and a rich cultural history.

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Many UK residents are drawn to Greece for its appealing lifestyle. The Mediterranean climate, characterised by mild winters and hot summers, is a stark contrast to the often grey skies of the UK. The slower pace of life in Greece is also a significant factor. Brits seeking a more relaxed and laid-back lifestyle find the Greek way of life, with its emphasis on family, community and leisurely meals, a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of city living.

Cost of Living
The relatively lower cost of living in Greece compared to the UK is another key motivator for migration. From housing to daily expenses, many find that their money goes further in Greece. This financial aspect becomes particularly attractive for retirees looking to make their pensions stretch.

Greek Visas
For UK citizens, navigating the Greek visa system is generally straightforward and can be considered relatively easy, especially for short-term visits. If you’re applying for a residence permit in Greece, it’s essential to apply for a long-stay visa before your departure. Processing times for applications typically range from a minimum of six days to potentially 15 days or more. To avoid delays, we recommend submitting your application at least a month before your planned departure. Seek a professional firm to help you with your move to Greece such as georgakilawfirm.com/services/golden-visa-programs.

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Whether it’s escaping a fast-paced city life, enjoying the breathtaking landscapes, seeking a more affordable lifestyle or experiencing a culture steeped in history, Greece provides a variety of reasons for those looking to make a home away from home.

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