How to set up your own craft kit business

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Many people will have created handmade items using craft kits. Indeed, since the pandemic, crafting has surged in popularity, making it a viable business opportunity for those looking to sell their own kits.

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What sort of craft kits?

Whether it’s knitting kits, crochet kits or model kits, there is a huge market of buyers wanting to get creative at home. Social media has added to the interest in crafts, with people sharing their creations and inspiring others to have a go on sites like Pinterest.

There are not many haberdashery stores left on our high streets, but thankfully if you want to create beautiful handmade items, the online marketplace means it is easy to find specialist kit sites such as and others.

Is the marketplace already saturated?

Google Trends shows that there remains high interest in craft kits, with spikes occurring in the lead-up to Christmas as people look to make handmade gifts for their loved ones. Setting up your own business means you can create customised kits and focus either on one type, aimed at children for example, or sell a range.

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The start-up costs are low, with the pieces needed for making up your own kits available to buy relatively cheaply on wholesale sites. The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has written an introductory guide to selling online. This is a good overview of online retailing, which it describes as easy and low-risk.

Little experience needed

You don’t even need to be an expert crafter yourself. You just need to have an eye for what looks good and be a little creative. Browse the sorts of things already out there and then create your own niche product to appeal to buyers looking for something new.

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