Worcester, The City Famous for More Than Just Worcester Sauce

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Worcester is a Cathedral City flanked by the River Severn located in the beautiful County of Worcestershire.  Their stunning Cathedral is the Mother Church of the Diocese of Worcester and is a Grade 1 Listed Building.  The slightly spicy and somewhat acquired taste of Lea & Perrins, Worcester Sauce was originally manufactured in the City during the first part of the 19th Century by the pharmacists William Henry Perrins and John Wheely.  However, Worcester is famous for much more than just its Lea & Perrins Sauce, the City is also world renowned for its Royal Worcester Porcelain.  Established in the City in the year 1751 it is now possibly the oldest remaining Brand still in existence!

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The City is also rapidly becoming known far and wide for its professional, reputable, motor vehicle specialists offering quality Used Vans for sale Worcester.  With a prestigious reputation that’s spreading across the City and out into the surrounding Counties, this Team of consummate professionals offer a complete Customer Service experience.  Ensuring all their vehicles are thoroughly inspected and come with a valid twelve month’s Warranty.  Unlike when purchasing a brand-new Van or Car, these quality motors don’t lose half their market value the moment you drive them off the forecourt!

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Worcester has a prestigious University that is attended by Students from across the Country and is home to possibly the oldest newspaper in the World, Berrow’s Worcester Journal, founded in 1690, 334 years ago!

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