Where did Google come from?

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Google is the product of Sergey Brin and Larry Page who met by chance in 1995 when Brin was asked to show Page around the Stanford University campus when he was considering completing his PhD at the university. Both gentleman had completed computer engineering degrees and also completed PhD’s.

Here are some interesting facts about the lead up to the search engine that we know today.

  • The first experiments with Google occured in 1996 with a “web crawler” called BackRub. The two men originally hosted this on the servers at Stanford until it started to use too much bandwidth.
  • The name Google comes from the term “googol” which is the name for a mathematical term of a number one followed by one hundred zeros. The idea is that the term Google represents the infinite amount of data that Google can search for.
  • The first doodle that was included on the homepage was a Burning Man stick figure. This appeared behind the second O in the name Google. It was a design that they had originally created as an out of office message back in 1998 to indicate to people that they were away at the Burning Man festival.

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  • Gmail was released on April Fools Day in 2001. Following in the long tradition of Silicon Valley companies to release a hoax no this day, the pair decide to create a double bluff by posting an announcement that could have looked like an April Fools hoax but was in fact true. It is now used each day by millions of people worldwide.
  • Google went international with the first language translations available being Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Italian, German and French. It can now translate into nearly 40 different languages.

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