Can You ‘Konmari’ Your Website for Better SEO?

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Marie Kondo’s book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing”, has influenced more than just the state of our homes since it was released in 2011. Its central principle of things that spark joy can transform how we think about work as well as our life at home.

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Konmari has six basic rules of tidying, which can be applied to your website to bring you SEO benefits.


Tidying up your website needs commitment. To ensure your site sees organic traffic increases, you need to give time and investment to great content, an optimal design that creates a fantastic user experience plus the right technical set-up.

Start by sourcing professional SEO services London and do an SEO audit, and then commit to implementing changes to fix issues and make improvements.

Imagine the Ideal

Be a visionary and imagine the best performance for your website – then make this your ambition. By imagining the best you could be, you can work towards that clear vision.

If you need help imagining the ideal, Elevate UK professional SEO services London could be your partner in Konmaring your website.

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Start by getting rid of low-quality content and discard irrelevant items from your sitemap.xml and robots.txt.

Tidy by Category

Focus on each area of your SEO to do list holistically, working on tidying a category as a whole instead of picking off the top juiciest bits of work you think you need to do to change the location of where your site appears in the SERPs.

For instance, work on keyword research and optimizing copy, then work across the meta title category before working on meta descriptions across pages. Focus on your site 404s or on creating internal links to your site’s main product pages.

Follow Order

Prioritise your SEO tasks by what you know will have the greatest impact, but also by what will be most efficient to implement.

Spark Joy

Are you getting a spark of joy from seeing the changes you’ve made get results? Well, keep going if you are and try to do more of the same. If you’re not getting the joy of better performance in the SERPs, ask yourself what spark of inspiration could help you do better.

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