Three Common Reasons for Failing your Practical Driving Test

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Learning to drive is something that many people find challenging – as well as the actual driving itself, there are all the other things that you also need to learn to be a competent driver, from who has right of way at junctions, to the meanings of signs and vehicle markings like these chapter 8 chevrons

There are some reasons for failing a driving test that are more common than others – here are some of the most commonly seen reasons for failing a driving test in the UK…

Not Using Mirrors at the Appropriate Time – When you are driving, it is essential that you use your mirrors to make sure you are aware of what is around you. This is particularly important when you are changing direction.

Many reasons for failing a practical driving test involve the incorrect use of the mirrors and include not checking the mirrors before you change lanes or when turning, as well as failing to check when slowing down or turning off the road.

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Moving Off – Many people fail their test right at the beginning, by failing to move off safely. When you are driving, it is essential that you check all around you before moving off, including checking your blind spots, and if you just go before it is safe to do so this is an immediate fail.

Another time that you may be tested on this is if you have pulled up at the side of the road – before you move off you will be expected to check around you and also indicate your intention to move off.

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Manoeuvres – There are a range of manoeuvres that you could be asked to show to the examiner when you are doing your driving test. These are often a source of worry for learners, as they require you to be able to control the car whilst moving it into particular positions, such as parallel parking and reverse parking in a bay.

The trick when doing these is to stay calm and take your time, make sure that you are always checking around you and go slowly. If you are not happy with the angle, it is fine to come back out and have another go.

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