How a Pager System at your Restaurant Improves Customer Services and Helps Staff

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A huge part of running a successful restaurant is ensuring that your customer service is great. One of the biggest bugbears of people who complain about restaurants is poor customer service – it doesn’t matter how good the food is, if your customer service is poor then people are not going to want to eat at your restaurant.

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Many of the issues with poor customer service can be solved by using a pager system like this

As well as being great for improving your customer service, pager systems also make it much easier for your staff to run the restaurant efficiently too. Here are some of the ways that a pager system can help…

It means that customers know when their table is ready. This means that they can be altered straight away and don’t have to worry about being in a certain area. If they need to use the bathroom, or go to the bar whilst they wait, they can, safe in the knowledge that they will be contacted when they can be seated at a table.

When a customer is at a table, they can use a pager system if they want to be served – this might be to order their dessert or more drinks. They don’t have to wait for someone to come to them or go hunting for anyone.

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Staff benefit from a pager because they are able to easily locate customers. So, if they are serving food in a large and busy restaurant, they will know exactly which table to go to.

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