The importance of music and sound in branding

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Coronavirus has meant businesses have had to unexpectedly change the way they operate, with many opting to close down their stores and move to online retailing. Those businesses who remained open during lockdown, such as supermarkets, had to adapt quickly to ensure their online messaging reflected any changes, as well as ensuring their digital marketing was eye-catching and targeting the right audience, ahead of the competition.

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Research shows that brands who invest in their businesses are more likely to succeed and more likely to survive challenges such as a recession. There are many ways to do this, including recruiting specialists to work solely on promoting the brand image and staying up to date with the latest trends, including using music and sound in marketing.

Having a brand that is recognisable is key to any successful marketing campaign, whether it’s using brand characters, such as for products or services aimed at children and young families, or associating brands with celebrities. However, using audio is an underused tool which can really make a brand stand out.

Investing in a brand strategy agency such as can help businesses maximise their online presence and attract new customers to both their physical and online business.

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In Store

Shoppers are slowly returning to the High Street, but the general picture emerging from retailers is that footfall has dropped dramatically, despite the ending of lockdown. Ensuring customer and staff safety is key and outlets have had to adapt their store layout and offer extra precautions to instil trust. It is well known that listening to music reduces stress and anxiety, so having music play in store can help give customers a positive experience when welcoming them back.


Retailers selling clothing or technical products, such as mobile phones, can benefit by installing in store screens showing models using or wearing the brand. These can also be used on websites for online ordering. For added brand image awareness, digital notifications to update customers on their order, thank them for their custom, or send exclusive offers and discounts can also all help engage the customer.

Social Media

Facebook has recently announced plans to launch a new feature, allowing businesses to use their profiles as ‘Shop Windows.’ Streaming platforms such as Spotify and YouTube are also offering more opportunities for businesses to use music in their marketing campaigns.

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