British Firms Take Out £52 Billion of Government Loans

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The Coronavirus pandemic has had wide-reaching effects for almost every business in the UK, for good or ill. (Yes, some companies are prospering throughout these strange times.)

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As a consequence, small firms have been making use of the Bounce Back Loans schemes, intended to help them through their financial difficulties.

Worrying Times for Businesses

More than £35.47 billion has been approved for payment to over one million small businesses. The other £17 billion is being paid to larger companies. With so many of us working from home, the pandemic has quite possibly changed the face of working life forever. City centres that used to be throbbing with life are like ghost towns, and retail trade has plummeted. What hope is there for the retail sector?

There Is Hope in Some Areas

If we are going to continue to work from home, we are all realising that we need to ensure our workstations are correctly set up – working from our beds is not going to hack it for much longer.

At the heart of correct workstation set up is our desk and, most importantly, our chair. We can work at the dining room table or the kitchen breakfast bar, but we do need a good chair. One of the most versatile types of chair is the draughtsman chair. The reason is that these chairs will offer you more height, thus being ideal for the breakfast bar. Of course, a draughtsman chair is also ideal if you have a standing desk.

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Advice and Guidance on Chairs

Getting the right chair is so important. You really do want to get one from a reputable supplier, where they will help you get what is right for you. Check around for decent suppliers, such as, and ask for advice as necessary. A good supplier will be only too pleased to help.

Another benefit of these chairs is that they are not hugely expensive – you can probably get a decent one for under £100. Plus they come in a range of colours, so you will be able to get something to fit your décor. If we all go out and buy ourselves new office equipment, at least one part of the retail sector will start to pick up. And they will be able to repay their government Bounce Back loans.

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