Six considerations when buying pipe fittings

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Whether you need to buy pipes for a brand-new system or replace damaged pipes to keep an existing system flowing smoothly, it is essential to buy the right products for your needs. Read on to discover the six key considerations when buying pipe fittings.
There are many things that can lead to your having to splash out on new pipes. In many cases, copper pipe fittings from Watkins and Powis or another pipeline merchant will provide a great solution.

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1. What is the pipe made of?

For potable water, copper pipe fittings are an ideal choice because this metal has natural hygiene benefits. Along with brass and stainless steel pipes, copper pipes are corrosion-resistant.

2. Is the material on budget?

Of course, you may need to refine your choice of pipe material if it won’t work with your budget; for example, PVC piping can be an excellent option for those who are looking to create a drainage or wastewater system at a low price point, whilst copper pipe fittings are a fantastic investment for drinking water systems if your budget allows.

3. Can it do the job?

If the pipe needs to handle high water pressures or temperatures, make sure the pipe you choose can cope with these specifications.

4. Is it sustainable?

If being green is a priority, consider pipes crafted from PEX rather than PVC. The latter is less eco-friendly.

5. Is it easy to install?

Choosing pipe fittings that will be simple to fit will save you time and frustration. Push-to-fit piping is the best for amateur plumbers, whilst fittings that need soldering or threading are best left to the pros.

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6. Think about the future

There could well come a time when the new piping needs to be repaired, so it makes sense to opt for pipes that are easy to maintain over their lifespan and can be repaired without difficulty. For this reason, spending more on materials that are more durable, such as brass or copper, can be a wise investment in the long term.

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