Doors aren’t just for opening and closing

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We don’t pay attention to our doors as much as we do to our windows. After all, windows provide a view and offer a breath of fresh air. Doors are just functional openings, right? We need them for safety and security and to keep the bad weather out but should we think more about the colour, design and style of our front doors?

We normally only want to replace our front or internal doors because they are having problems or something has gone wrong with the mechanisms. Well if you do find yourself in this position, then it is worth considering Composite Doors Hereford.

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There’s more to doors than first meets the eye. Here are some interesting facts and obscure information about doors:

  • Did you know the largest doors in the world are at the Kennedy Space Centre? This would be logical, considering that they design, build and launch some of the most technologically advanced and largest vehicles on earth. It takes 45 minutes to open the doors at NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building. They are 456 feet tall. The doors are four in number and, to give you an idea of their height, the Statue of Liberty stands at 151 feet. As the name suggests, the space-bound vehicles are assembled in this building. This building, behind these doors, was where the Saturn and Apollo vehicles were assembled.
  • The first patent for a rotating door was issued in 1888 to Theophilus van Kannel, a Philadelphia-based inventor.

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  • Ireland has a wide variety of coloured doors. It’s not a good memory, but the residents were told to paint the doors black to show their mourning after Queen Victoria died. However, they decided to paint the doors bright colours as a reaction to being told how to treat their property. These doors attract a lot of tourists, and they add personality to the streets. Truhouse can supply you with attractive new Composite Doors Hereford.
  • There was a Roman god of doors – Janus . As a sign of respect for him, doors were always opened to the house in order to welcome guests and Janus. It was common in Roman homes. If a Roman was considered worthy and had done great service for his town or country, he would have the option of having their doors open outwards. In today’s world, it is considered more practical to open your door inwards.

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