How do personalities affect office cleaning?

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Cleaning is a task that requires a variety of personalities. In your office you’ll have all these types, which is why it can be difficult to share the cleaning duties amongst your employees. It is one of the most important reasons to look at using a professional cleaning company whose professionals will ensure that your office is sparkly and clean for all who use it.

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When asked to clean their home or office, people of all personality types (not just professional cleaners), will show a variety of reactions and actions.

  • Procrastinator: This is someone who finds it hard to complete any task as they often avoid the topic. These are the people who have a lot of paperwork on their desk and often justify their lack of action by saying, “I was going to do it.” Perhaps they keep coming up with urgent assignments that mean they cannot possibly take their turn to clean the office microwave or wipe their desk down.
  • Perfectionists: These people will do everything they can to make a task or project perfect. They are the opposite of procrastinators. They make excellent cleaners, but if they are also asked to clean the offices you may find that the mess is distracting them from their daily job. They might also take a long time, ensuring that everything is spick and span. Whilst not a bad quality, the longer they spend cleaning, the less time they have to do their job. A good idea to satisfy all is to consider Office Cleaning Services Gloucestershire from a site like

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  • Ambitious: These are the people who value things above all else. These are people who have a lot of shoes, and perhaps a few watches. They will also often work long days because they are so focused on what they want to buy next. They would find it difficult to leave their current job and work elsewhere but also don’t want to be wasting their time cleaning when they could be striking deals or networking.
  • Purists: These people are minimalists and dislike clutter. They prefer to keep their desks as uncluttered as possible. However, they can find it difficult to work with procrastinators and ambitious personality types who have a tendency to be cluttered. This can cause distraction and a lack of efficiency leading to a drop in morale.

Many companies are unable to satisfy all personality types within one office. Clear desk policies go some way to ensuring that there is a minimum aesthetic standard for the desks and workspaces.

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