Free Customer Service Phones And How To Find Them?

Free Customer Service Phones And How To Find Them?
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The free customer service phones, which go through numbers 900 and 800, are an alternative to take into account when we want to claim a company or receive certain information without having to pay any amount. We talk about these numbers and the fastest way to find the free phone cetelem, Movistar, Vodafone, Endesa, Renfe, Yoigo or Adeslas, among many other companies.

Free Customer Service Phones And How To Find Them?

Telephone customer service of companies

The fact pays a high cost for a call that could be resolved in a couple of minutes, it is more common than it might seem. The calls of the users to lines 902 are very habitual, but the certain thing is that the use of these prefixes, on many occasions, violates the legislation. This is the case, for example, of the energy and telecommunications companies, which are obliged to have free lines, but this is not the case in some cases. In others, directly, finding the “free alternative” is an impossible mission for most users. Do not forget that these types of companies are required by article 45.1 of Law 54/1997 to have a toll-free number.

Some studies, such as those carried out by Facua-Consumidores en Accion have analyzed the customer service telephone numbers of 141 companies. After the investigation, they have concluded that more than half use payment numbers. Nothing negligible, either, is the fact that 20 of the 26 airlines, 8 of the 15 banks or 12 of the 20 commercial establishments analyzed impose high-cost customer service phones, especially with prefix 902, although there are also cases of 901 and special pricing such as 807.

Free Customer Service Phones And How To Find Them?

The different customer service phones

So that we can see a little the difference between some lines and others, as well as the existence of free customer service phones, we will establish the characteristics of each one in a few lines:

-The phones 902: in these cases, the user pays the full amount of the call made. If it is made from a fixed number, the cost is similar to an interprovincial call, but as with the 901, if the call is made from a mobile it rises considerably.

Thus, for example, a five-minute call from a landline can be about 50 cents, while from a mobile it can be 2 and a half euro’s.

As if this were not enough, there are certain companies that offer so-called 902 paid lines, which means that the company that owns this number charges for each call received, in figures that may be, according to studies, at € 0.003 / call from of 3,000 calls.

-Lines 905, on the other hand, would suppose a higher cost than the previous ones. It is a type of line that usually occurs, for example, in television contests. In these cases, these first three numbers already indicate a special rate, but it will be the fourth number that will determine the final cost. Thus, if that fourth number is a 1, the cost will be lower than if it were a 4, in which case it would increase considerably.

Free Customer Service Phones And How To Find Them?

-As happens with the 905, there are some eight hundred in which it will be the fourth digit that determines whether they are more or less expensive. The 807, for example, are for professional services, the 806 for leisure services and the 803 other exclusive services.

-The rates of the 118, which are heirs of 1003 of Telephonic, do not have regulated rates and can reach figures of four euro per minute.

-The cheapest, not free, is the 901. You could say that they are paid half between the user and the company that is called. In general, it is usually paid as if it were a local call.

-The only free customer service phones are those that start with 900 and 800 because the person who receives the call pays. They are often referred to as automatic collect numbers.

How to find free customer service phones

To find this kind of free customer service phone you have to remember that all the companies that have a 900 as a service, also have a national numbering, which they do not usually make public to generate income through this type of calls. Information.

Free Customer Service Phones And How To Find Them?

If we look at the Royal Decree 424 of April 2005, we will realize that there are companies such as operators that are obliged to offer their customer services for free.

In order to find that alternative without cost per call, it is sufficient that we do an Internet search to reach the free equivalents to a 902. By law, companies are obliged to inform us about a fixed line number with normal pricing, but to get it, you will have to call your usual number and, therefore, spend the corresponding money.

The option, in these cases, is to use social networks to send a query to the company in question and that it informs you about it. Do not forget that you can also make the corresponding claim by calling 901 or 902, once you receive the telephone bill.

There are many different platforms that can help us find these free customers service phone numbers for companies. The one that we recommend from our Finance blog is the one that brings us Free Telephone. In this web, you will be able to easily find the numbers without the cost of very diverse companies, services, and official organisms.

Free Customer Service Phones And How To Find Them?

Thanks to its services you can contact by phone and without cost with companies such as Cetelem, Movistar, Vodafone, Endesa, Renfe, Yoigo or Adeslas, Ryanair, Correos, Tuenti Móvil, Allianz, Mapfre, Iberia, ING Direct, Canal Plus, Pepephone or Simyo. In the case that they do not have their free variant, they show you other possible contact forms.

And you? What routes do you use to find free customer service phones? Did you know spaces like Free Telephone? How was your experience?

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