How to Buy Coca Cola shares with Only $ 50

Coca Cola shares
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It is not necessary to be rich to start investing. To buy shares in the Coca Cola (KO) Company, it is not necessary to have a stock exchange account with a broker. Coca Cola participates in DRIPS plans or “Dividends Reinvestment Plans”. With these plans, you can buy Coca Cola shares with little money and without having an account on the stock market. These plans were established many years ago and long before the Internet era. They are a good way to accumulate shares in several established companies.

Coca Cola shares

Coca Cola shares in the stock exchange

The symbol of the Coca Cola shares in the stock exchange is KO and it is bought and sold in the NYSE market (New York Stock Exchange). Its average price in the last year is between $ 33.71 – 40.67. Coca Cola pays a dividend of $ 1.02 per annual participation. The shares of Coca Cola are liquid, the average daily volume is more than $ 13 million. Coca Cola brand products include, Coca-Cola, Powerade, Minute Maid and Dasani bottled water.

Coca Cola shares

How to Buy Coca Cola Shares with $ 50

  1. Open an account on First This is one of the DRIPs that allow you to buy shares with little money.
  2. Buy a share of Coca Cola, at the market price. There is a $ 3 fee per purchase.
  3. Make periodic investments of $ 50 or more – optional. This money is used to buy shares at market price, including fractions, less than one. In this way, a number of long-term actions can be accumulated. There is also the option to invest automatically.
  4. Expect that your participation in Coca Cola will pay you dividends, these can be reinvested in your account to buy more shares. In this way, their shares in Coca Cola grow in the long term.

Coca Cola shares

DRIPs offer a way to buy shares in several companies in the long term and with little money. Following this, you can also buy Coca Cola share by DRIPs. These plans are ideal for small investors. Remember that it is not necessary to be rich to start investing.

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