Four Areas to Focus on to Improve the Hygiene in your Office

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An office should be a place that is clean and tidy – not only because it is a more pleasant environment to work in, but it also reduces sickness in the people who work there and makes a better impression on people who come to visit.

Having a professional on hand to come in and clean thoroughly like this office cleaning Gloucester based company is a big help, but everyone who works there can also play a big part in helping to keep the office environment clean in between professional visits.

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If you are looking to improve the office and make it a cleaner and healthier environment, here are some of the things to focus on and clean on a daily basis…

The Kitchen – The office kitchen can be a big source of germs and bacteria, and it is crucial to keep on top of the hygiene standards there. Ensuring that food is stored correctly and keeping sides wiped down with antibacterial spray is something that you need to keep up. As well as spreading harmful illnesses from the food debris, a dirty kitchen can also attract pests like rats, mice and flies.

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Workstations – The areas that people work in should be kept clean on a daily basis. Computer keyboards are renowned for being germ traps and also phones and desks should also be wiped down regularly to keep them sanitised properly. If possible, create a separate space for people to eat so that they do not have to have lunch at their desk, as this can be a big cause of germs breeding in the office.

The Toilets – Office toilets are something that everyone should take responsibility for keeping in good condition every day. Having a toilet rota is a good idea, so someone can check in on them regularly and clean the toilets and the taps to keep them as hygienic as possible to use.


Areas that are Touched Often – Places that are regularly touched, such as door handles as well as the buttons on shared equipment such as the photocopier should be wiped down often. This prevents germs from building up in these places and being able to spread all around the office.

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