How Football and Television were made for each other

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When the rules for association football were laid down the creators of the game could have hardly imagined how it would become the global phenomenon it has become.  Over every other team sport Football is universally played in every nation on the planet. There are professional and non professional leagues throughout the world playing competitive and exciting football. Whilst it’s true that the game itself is easy to play and understand, there is another factor that has greatly helped its success; it makes great television.

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With the introduction of Sky and Digital channels the money that has poured into the game has brought incredible riches to both clubs, players and owners. However, the cost to compete has also grown beyond many clubs staying in the upper leagues.

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Television has brought football into our homes. It’s one of the reasons people make sure that they have decent reception and digital signal to get it. A crisp picture of the match is vital to the enjoyment of the game which is why people use TV aerial repair Tewkesbury based company to come and fix theirs if it’s not performing. ITV were the first to start showing live full matches on television. There was some concern that people were only interested in highlight shows but this soon proved to be baseless. In 1992 Sky sports and the Premier league ensured the future of the game and its continued coverage on television.

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