Five Reasons to Be a Corporate Sponsor of an Event

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Whether you are a multi-national company or a growing SME, marketing your brand will be key to keeping your company moving forward.

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One of the most popular ways of doing this is through looking at opportunities for corporate sponsorship, especially in at the areas where your sales are targeted.

Keeping an eye on local events and groups organising them will help you to come up with some ideas.

These groups will probably operate membership management software such as that found at sites like, which will help you make contact with a whole range of potential clients, alongside the people who will be attending the event.


Here are five reasons which explain why this kind of sponsorship works.

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1. Brand Visibility

Press coverage and social media hits related to the event will mean your company’s name is out there in front of a large audience, making more of an impact than more traditional advertising channels. Giving away branded bags with information about your services will also mean greater exposure.

2. Targeting

Choosing the right event means that you can reach a niche audience which is relevant to the services your company provides and presents the opportunity to engage directly with potential clients and provides better results than a scattergun approach to marketing.

3. Consumer Perception

Public perception of your company is vital to its success. Sponsorship of an event can illustrate the company’s values and help to improve your reputation within the community. Sponsorship also improves the public’s view of your financial viability.

4. Lead Generation

Sponsorship allows you to reach a large number of people attending the event and is cost-effective when compared with more traditional means of targeting potential clients. If you can negotiate access to people attending the event prior to the date, you can create a useful mailing list.

5. Sales

If you have a physical presence at the event, such as an information or sales booth, you can rack up sales on the day, and as a major sponsor you can negotiate exclusivity where appropriate.

These are obvious reasons to consider corporate sponsorship, but there are added tax benefits – details of which can be found at the government’s own website.

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