A Few Interesting Facts About Web Design

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Websites come in all shapes, sizes, and colours, and every business has a website in today’s age. This is because your website is, in effect, your virtual shop window or your virtual gallery of products and services that you offer. If you are considering having a website designed and built, you must consult with professionals. Web designers can advise you on a whole range of technical and design ideas and ensure that you have a website that fits your business’s purpose. For more information on Web Design Cheltenham, go to a site like https://www.absolutecreativemarketing.co.uk/

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Web design is an incredibly fantastic world, and here are a few facts that you may also find interesting:

Website users have low attention spans and often leave a website within as little as eight seconds if they need help finding what they are looking for or find the design, not to their liking. Therefore, this means getting your point across as soon as possible and as high up the page as possible because eight seconds gives you little scrolling time to attract a customer’s attention to stay.

It’s all about mobile. Surveys that have been conducted suggest that around two-thirds of all website traffic comes from mobile phone web usage, indicating that any websites produced need to be optimised for mobile phones or many customers will be lost.

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Long paragraphs of text put off readers, so it can be better to have lists, bullet points, or smaller text snippets across the page. However, you need to consider any SEO and the text’s location in relation to the information and images on the rest of the page to create a cohesive, succinct and informative layout.

It is essential to create a website with content designed with the business’s target market in mind. There is no point in creating a website that appeals to everyone because the people most important to your business are your potential clients and customers. To do this, you need to know your client segment inside and out so that you can convey this to your web designer.

Further research found that 44% of people will leave a website if they are still looking for the company’s contact details. This is why you will often find that the contact details are included in the header on most website pages.

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