Why it is Important for Children to Play Outdoors

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As the days start to get lighter and warmer, we are all hoping to spend more time outdoors, and for children, playing outdoors and spending time outside is particularly important in many ways, and there are lots of fun activities that children can enjoy doing outdoors – whether you create a playground paradise in your garden with the help of someone like this playgrounds Cheltenham based company greenfieldsltd.co.uk/services/playgrounds-and-parks/ or you take a trip to a campsite over the easter holidays, here are some of the reasons why children benefit from time spent outdoors…

Health – Health is something that starts from a young age and fitness and exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle. Playing outside and running around keeps children physically fit and strong, and also helps to reduce the risk of them developing health problems later in life.

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Social Skills – Lots of outdoor play involves others, whether this is at the park or through playing sports. This helps children to develop important social skills as well as things like learning to work in a team and understanding others.

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Interest in Nature -When children spend more time outdoors, they can learn about the natural world. This could be something that they explore in the garden or in the woods or at the beach, but the more children learn and understand, the more knowledge and respect they have for the environment – this is really important as they get older and have to deal with the issues that the world is facing, such as climate change.

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