Why you should make it marble

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Of all the marvellous materials you can use for decorative construction, Marble Tiles are certainly one of the best. Whilst bricks and mortar have their place, they cannot hold a candle to the majestic sight of some marble tiles decorating an office or the floor space of your home. It’s certainly something that Marble Tiles from Irwin Tiles can provide for you.

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Since ancient times, marble has been the choice of the most powerful empires. When the great leaders of the time were looking for a material to build their best buildings out of, marble was the stone they went to. The reasons for this? Firstly, Marble is shiny. When polished, it gleams and glints as the sunlight plays off its surface. Evidence suggests that the Pyramids in Egypt were covered in polished stone and were smooth to the touch, unlike the rough exposed blocks we can see today. When the sun shone on them, they would have been seen for miles around, a great reminder of the power and wealth of the pharaohs.

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While you may not be able to achieve that grand look, Marble tiles are certainly an addition to the home that will make you feel that it is a bit special. The tiles are not only aesthetically pleasing but also easier to maintain and clean over carpet. Marble tiles simply need a good wipe, mop and polish from time to time, relieving you of the burden of constant upkeep. They are perfect if you have pets in the home or in areas of high footfall traffic.

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