Common first aid mistakes people always make

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No matter how much training workplace first aiders receive, when it comes to an emergency, it’s understandable that non-healthcare professionals might not get everything right at the moment. After all, the times when first aid skills are needed can be amongst the most acutely pressured situations we face in our lifetimes.

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Because the stakes can be so high, many people do not feel confident when providing first aid at work Gloucester. As long as a first aider is not causing harm to a patient, in most situations they can muddle through until the professionals arrive. However, if you are a workplace first aider, here are some common first aid mistakes to be aware of and hopefully avoid.


Being in or witnessing a medical emergency can cause a huge rush of adrenaline to the body. It’s important to be aware that as a first aider to a patient or to yourself, panicking can make a bad situation worse. It can make a patient or their loved ones more anxious, it can make it difficult to listen or retain information and can cause all that hard-earned knowledge to desert you in your moment of need.

Regular training from a good training provider such as will mean your skills are in the front of your mind and your workplace should have systems and processes in place if an emergency happens. To stay calm in an emergency, breathe deeply, and if needed repeat positive affirmations to yourself. You can do this!

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Not paying attention to the patient

If your patient is conscious, beyond your initial patient survey, it’s really important that you keep in contact with the patient once any treatment begins. This may sound strange, but if you are concentrating very hard on a wound or tying a triangle bandage you may stop communicating to your patient, and this may cause anxiety. It is incredibly important to keep checking in, explain what you are doing and to ask for consent. This includes if you have already completed an action previously, like taking obs.

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