Inspiring Wonder and Creating Awe since 1986

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There is a contemporary and unique collection of unusual sculptures that have inspired Wonder and created Awe since 1986, that are to be found in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.  Walk amongst the majestic trees that stretch high into the sky and marvel at the artistic creations that you will find along the way, whilst following the handy map that leads you safely to their separate destinations.

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One of the larger pieces of sculpture you will find along the path is called “Heart of the Stone” and was designed and created by artist Tim Lees in 1988. His inspiration for this larger-than-life creation were the miners who worked in the local area, leaving evidence on the landscape of their toils. He chiselled and smoothed the centre of a rough, six-ton piece of concrete and stone and contrasted that with seven-foot-high flanking pieces still standing uncarved.  The middle core of the piece captures the essence of a fish leaping out of the stone.

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