Founder spotlight: Alexey Kirienko of EXANTE

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EXANTE is a Maltese-established broker that was founded in 2011 by co-founders Alexey Kirienko, Gatis Eglitis, and Anatoly Knyazev. As one the first brokers to offer direct access to international markets, EXANTE has quickly grown to become an acclaimed global firm. It currently has offices in Malta, Cyprus, Hong Kong, and London, and an international clientele across continents. What has really allowed the brokerage to flourish and find its footing amidst a sea of investment companies is its leadership. EXANTE was created to promote information transparency and financial market accessibility for all traders. Innovation has always been at its forefront, and the broker’s co-founders have never shied away from approaching the markets in new ways.

In this article, we are shining a spotlight on Alexey Kirienko, one of the co-founders of the broker and currently its CEO. Just who is Alexey Kirienko of EXANTE? Read on to learn about his background, strengths, and interests, as well as theachievements and breakthroughs of EXANTE under his leadership.

Alexey Kirienko achieved success in the investment world at a young age, when he was at university pursuing his passion for mathematics. He had studied game theory and probability theory then, and he had been applying his knowledge in stock trading, which led him to substantial profits. One of the first successes he had involved statistical arbitrage, which was one of his domains at university, as a student of statistics. This early success in the financial markets led him to consider working as an investor at a professional capacity after graduating from his master’s degree in economics.

Kirienko specialised in derivative trading – particularly, in futures trading. He partnered with a friend – Anatoly Knyazev, who specialised in software development – in developing trading software, which they found to be hugely profitable. This led them to consider starting a brokerage firm together. They brought their vision to life when they met the third co-founder of EXANTE, Gatis Eglitis, through the trading community. Eglitis had – and continues to have – depth of knowledge in international business development. The three of them managed to come together in Malta and start EXANTE in 2011, which became the first brokerage firm in Malta to offer local traders direct access to global markets with a single account. At the time, news of this spread quickly, and the expansion of EXANTE followed.

EXANTE’s success can be seen in its rapid development in scope and company size. Today, the broker has over $2 billion in total AUM, and it offers over 600,000 financial instruments in 50+ global markets. This is the co-founders’ direct response to the need in the market to provide accessibility to traders of all levels, with raw data and live quotes to make trading transparent and fair. The firm also established offices in Hong Kong, Cyprus, and London. The Malta office remains the headquarters. Catering to international traders, EXANTE quickly obtained authorisation from the MFSA, the SFC, the FCA, and the CySEC to provide financial services in their new locations. The broker is also compliant with the European Union’s MiFID-2 framework and the region’s GDPR data protection policies.

Kirienko continued to develop his passion for derivative trading, and he continued to apply statistical analysis to project market price movements. These days, he is a finacial expert and a well-respected figure in the industry, as EXANTE sweeps awards from the UK’s Financial Times and business magazine Gazet International in 2023. Kirienko also participates in industry discussions and finacial forums to offer insights into trading and investment, and as an entrepreneur who has managed to lead EXANTE to its success, he invests in promising start-ups. Perhaps it is a way for him to pay it forward to other entrepreneurs who are hoping to get their big idea endorsed, seeing that he had managed to launch EXANTE with such success.

Kirienko is a key player in the European investment industry, and the co-founder is frequently seen speaking at global conferences and attending events. Together with his peers Knyazev and Eglitis, Kirienko has found plenty of success, but they continue to innovate and improve the EXANTE trading platform and product offering, keeping a dynamic and open spirit that is reflected in their firm’s attitude towards sharing knowledge and improving.

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