How to turn your old-fashioned visitor signing-in-book into a state of the art, modern digital visitor monitoring system.

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The old-fashioned visitor and staff signing in books are a thing of the past, a relic of a different age, when security of premises and personnel wasn’t taken as seriously, now you can easily replace this outdated method with a modern, state-of-the-art Visitor Management System.  Your staff can easily use this clever system to check in and out of your premises with an identity fob or card that uses a barcode to pass their individual information onto the database. All information stored on staff and visitors is safely contained and protected by the system being GDPR compliant.

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If you want your staff to wear name badges this ultra-modern system can create and print off personal identity tags for everybody, including a photograph of each individual. Any visitor that comes onto your premises can also be easily included into this procedure, so they also have a photo identity badge to wear. If there was a fire and everyone had to evacuate, it’s imperative you know for sure that everyone has left the building. This portable system can go with your Fire Safety Officer for them to check that all staff and visitors are out of the building safely.

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If your premises often has contractors, students, part-time staff or supply staff coming in and out this visitor management system can alleviate the need for signing into a book, it’s a much more efficient, sleeker, safer system.

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