How to start auto parts business

how to start auto parts business
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Who has never wanted to open their antique shop, a perfumery, a small bar or maybe a small business? Nowadays, most people prefer to open an online business. The sale on the Internet indeed has certain advantages and is increasingly considered nowadays. Certainly, it is not easy to achieve it. In fact, opening a shop can be decidedly complex since you must respect and follow the various laws. If you have a passion for cars and want to open an auto parts shop, you can do it easily. With a suitable venue, the necessary money and a large warehouse where to put all the spare parts for cars will be almost made. How to start auto parts business, you have to follow the fairly simple steps that make up the following guide. Let’s see how to do it together.

How to start auto parts business

how to start auto parts business

What is needed

To undertake the opening of car parts, you will need to follow the steps dictated below.

  • Find the right place where you can store all spare parts for cars (taking into account, in case of rent, the higher cost of a room located in a central area compared to the suburbs);
  • Establish partnerships with spare parts distributors to guarantee a wide range of products and a fast delivery service;
  • Open VAT number;
  • Registration at the Chamber of Commerce;
  • INPS, INAIL communication;
  • Authorizations for the sign.


After the bureaucratic process, the next step concerns image, promotion and marketing. Every emerging business needs an adequate advertising promotion through the right sign, the website, etc. To make the interior design more attractive, you could ask individual suppliers for a supply of advertising material (templates and other exhibitors).

At the official opening of the spare parts store, it is advisable to organize an inauguration where you can invite both motorists and car repairers present in your premises’ neighboring area. The event will attract the attention of the public and encourage your entry into the business.

In addition to the website, built and designed in detail using an expert’s professional figure, it is recommended to open a page on the social networks currently most in vogue in the digital age. Opening a page is not enough. However, you will have to remember to constantly update it, playing an active role of patience and care to offer yourself to the public in an always impeccable way.

Each new arrival in the warehouse must be photographed and related to the technical data sheet and inserted on the various social networks and the main company website. An excellent strategy is that of users’ connection times, where there is more influx of people.

Management software

A specific vertical program for the management of the spare parts warehouse represents an investment aimed at avoiding the danger of starting from scratch in the presence of disadvantages. Avoid using a spreadsheet such as Excel, as it is too prone to sudden deletions and changes. The use of a management program allows instead to improve every aspect of the company.

Find a place

First, find a suitable place with a large warehouse, where you can put spare parts for cars. The place chosen must, of course, be suitable, that is, respect the regulations for the trade where the activity in question can be carried out. Renting a place located in large cities, perhaps in the center, will certainly be saltier than one in a suburban place. Once this is done, you can dedicate yourself to opening the business. Some time ago, people who wanted to open a business like this had to take a course, but now it has been eliminated and everyone can open a car shop safely.

Open VAT number

After taking the first step, you need to go to a tax office and register for a regular VAT number. Once this action has also been carried out, go to the municipality to declare the place where the auto parts shop is located. Usually, many suppliers require a certificate of registration with the Chamber of Commerce to buy spare parts, so you must also describe the chamber of commerce.

After carrying out the two previous steps, you must go to INPS and open a business, where you will pay the contributions for the pension. The cost will be approximately two hundred or three hundred euros and can also be done by a good tax advisor. Once you have finished all the paperwork, you can safely start buying car parts and open your new auto parts shop. But it must be said that this is not the best time to open a shop due to the crisis, so think about it a bit before deciding.

Renting a place located in large cities, perhaps in the center, will certainly be saltier than one in a suburban place.

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