How to find customers on linkedin

Find your clients on linkedin
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Suppose you have a business and intend to promote it on the web to attract new customers. How to find customers on Linkedin? In that case, you can use LinkedIn, especially if you know the platform very well and know how to implement and refine various sales strategies and approaches. The opportunity to advertise your products and services on LinkedIn is indeed enormous, given that today the platform boasts almost 500 million subscribers in about 200 countries and with 2 new members every second. LinkedIn has a very particular audience to find, as the platform is used particularly by professionals and business people.

How to find customers on Linkedin?

Find your clients on linkedin

Create free content

To capture customers’ interest, it is first necessary to avoid what is best known on the net by opting instead for a different approach. The following are five specific strategies you can take advantage of to work harder and well if you have decided to sell your products and services on LinkedIn. The first strategy you can adopt to find customers is to create and share free content and valuable ideas that help a niche audience solve some of their biggest professional problems, which is a great way to stand out from the crowd. Competition.

Earn the trust of potential customers

Another great way to find customers on LinkedIn is to demonstrate your personality and course of action through a great presentation article and convince potential people that you are the expert and help them achieve their goals. For this reason, you have to show that you are worth and their time, the interest they feel and your attention towards them are perfectly shared. However, the greater your “asking” of someone, the more trust you need to earn. For example, you can’t ask someone to sell marketing products or anything as soon as you log in and exchange a few greetings on LinkedIn. Instead, your “asking” must always be in direct proportion to the amount of trust you have gained so far.

Take advantage of the LinkedIn search engine

LinkedIn content must be hyper-focused on a targeted niche audience, to the point of including the job title or industry name in the post and articles you propose in the blog specifically attached to the platform. For example, suppose you want to sell video marketing services online, in which case thanks to the incredible and powerful internal search engine and data of LinkedIn members. You will be able to instantly and easily find countless potential customers to connect with and make the best of marketing just as you set out to do.

Get recommendations

Another action that works especially well on LinkedIn when it comes to getting clients is to complete your profile with good recommendations.

But not all recommendations are equal. It is not the same that Bill Gates recommends that your mother do it and it is not the same that they say something like this:

To get your recommendations to be the best possible, you must be specific when asking for them. Never use the default phrase that appears on LinkedIn, instead write a custom phrase where it appears:

  • The name of the person you are asking for the recommendation.
  • Remind him of what you know each other if it has been a long time.
  • Tell him exactly why you need this recommendation if it is to demonstrate your knowledge in a certain area if it shows the results of your products or services …
  • Try to include your keywords since, by association, your contact may include them in their recommendation and the LinkedIn search engine highly values this.

Some tactics that work for getting recommendations on LinkedIn:

Get used to asking for the recommendation just when you’ve finished working with that person. It will keep things fresher and, also, being in contact with you will always make them more ashamed not to do so.

Make him a recommendation before. By the principle of reciprocity, people usually want to return the “favors” they do us, so it is easier for them to make a recommendation if you have made it to them before.

Work strategically with your network of contacts

When it comes to making contacts, there are 2 strategies:

In this case, it’s about choosing your contacts very well to be in the right circles. It’s more of a quality strategy than a quantity one.

This strategy will allow you to position yourself in the circles of people and companies you want to know and have a closer relationship with them.

Open network

This strategy is used by head hunters and sales representatives and consists of accepting everyone and sending invitations to almost everyone.

If you are in this strategy, remember not to go crazy since LinkedIn only allows you 3000 invitations in the basic account.

The advantage of this strategy is that you reach more people, but not necessarily the people you want to reach.

Decide which is the strategy that best suits your market and your objectives.

But remember that a network of contacts will only be alive if you regularly contact them.

Studies show that it is almost impossible to be in close contact with more than 100 people at a time, which greatly reduces our scope for action.

Fortunately, LinkedIn offers a series of tools that allow us to connect with people regularly to congratulate them on their birthday, a new job, a change of position …

Use them, get used to entering LinkedIn every morning and on the home screen on the right, you will see all the updates from your network of contacts, where you can send a direct message or recommend its update.

Find your clients on LinkedIn

If you are clear about who your typical customers are, you can do an advanced search on LinkedIn to find them and see what the best way to reach them is:

If they are second-degree contacts, invite them to join your network. See which LinkedIn groups they are in, as this will help you know your strategic groups. Also, you can invite anyone who is in the same group as you to your network. If they are companies, you can follow their company profiles so that you receive all their updates and thus find business opportunities.

Check who has been looking at your profile and if they are a potential customer or supplier, you can contact them to join your network. It will be much easier since he has already visited your profile and knows you.

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