How to clean marble

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Marble is one of the best decorative finishing materials that anyone can have in the home or business. It’s one of the most enduring substances for such a purpose and has been used since the days of antiquity or in other words, it was popular with the Greeks and Romans. Marble Tiles, like those from are one of the most popular and cost-effective ways of installing marble into your chosen living or working space. Rather than large chunks of worked stone like the Mediteran forebears used, thinner, but still robust marble can be applied to screed surfaces to give a fantastic finish.

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Marble is naturally shiny and can be buffered and polished so much it gleams. It is also easy to maintain. Its hardness means it can take shocks from dropped items but it’s also quite resistant to staining. Liquid stains that last come about when a surface is porous. This is a surface that has tiny holes in it allowing liquid to flow through.

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Cleaning marble is simple. An application of hot water and soap should be enough to remove any unwanted staining. However, it is a good idea to make sure that the surface is wiped dry afterwards and water-free. Marble is not alone in being a substance that can stain if left wet for a long time. All stonework suffers from this but because marble is smooth you have a much better chance of stopping this from happening.

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