How forest school has helped improve the education of children

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There is a worrying trend in the world today that has us keeping children away from certain elements of soft play. After much publicised events in the Uk and around the world it is little wonder that parents have become extremely cautious when allowing their children to play in the woods or down the park. The once time honoured pastime of tree climbing and rolling up the ankles and paddling in small rivers is now past. There is a strong argument for children to be warned about this and there are still many public service films in existence from the 1970s that offer stark warnings about the dangers.

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However, as a reaction to this many schools have created forest schools, a safe and controlled environment where children can experience the woods and fields without the associated risks of lone play without adult supervision. Now Primary School Websites, like those created by companies such as, are full of the pictures of children thoroughly enjoying themselves getting themselves muddy and experiencing active play.

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This has been shown to provide a good knock on effect to their other studies. English is used to describe the world around them and how our language has evolved to explain it. Geography and the physical sciences such as botany are also very much in evidence. Math skills are also employed and the physical bonuses should be obvious.

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