5 great marquee decoration tips

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Looking for good ways to decorate a marquee? We’ve got some fantastic tips to get you started. The good news is that decorating a marquee needn’t be expensive or complex, and with a bit of imagination you can make your party space look absolutely magical – even with simple party decorations. Try these ideas to get your creativity flowing:

1. Focus on the entrance
When you organise marquee hire Swansea or elsewhere, why not make a real impact on your guests by creating an attractive entranceway to your marquee event? Bay trees or holly trees in decorated pots are beautiful, or you could hang decorative lights around the doorway. Colourful solar sticks can create an illuminated path, or you could place large candles in hurricane glasses for a romantic effect.

2. Think about lighting
Fairy lights are ideal for lighting your marquee, and LED tealights on the table can work very well too. Specialists such as https://goodintents.co.uk/marquee-hire-near-me/marquee-hire-swansea/ can offer further ideas.

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3. Consider your colour scheme
It’s easy to link your party colour scheme with your marquee decoration. Vintage bunting can be made with fabric in the relevant colours, table flowers can be chosen to fit a particular scheme and you can add features such as large ribbons onto chairs, tablecloths and other decorations in bright or muted colours. Try metallics to shine in the light, pastels for a spring event, or neon brights for a kid’s event.

4. Decorate the tables
It needn’t cost a fortune to decorate your tables. Try using Mason glass jars to store flower posies, hold tea lights or stack up colourful sweets. Add natural foliage to tables as easy decorations and make your own table runners with colourful fabrics.

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5. Work with the features
You can hire pelmets, swags and other insulating features for your marquee, or choose a marquee with windows to bring the outdoors in and to maximise natural light. By working with your provider of marquee hire in Swansea and across the UK you can get great ideas from the professionals and choose a marquee that suits your planned event.

For example, you’ll find it much easier to decorate a marquee that is correctly sized, laid out and positioned within the exterior space to suit guests and the occasion. The professionals can help you to optimise these basics so that your decoration becomes the icing on the cake!

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