How To Open A Stationery Store?

How To Open A Stationery Store?
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Office supplies are consumables; they are consumed at any time of the year, and not only during the preparation for the school season, when numerous school bazaars start working. This feature of this business is worth paying attention to those who are thinking how to open a stationery store. Selling consumables is always beneficial, regardless of time and circumstances.

How To Open A Stationery Store?

Stages of opening a business

The organization of the business of selling stationery requires the following:

  • company registration;
  • suitable premises;
  • product;
  • Sellers;

And, of course, it is necessary to have a starting capital. Its size depends on the scale of the business. Most of the funds will go to pay for the rent of the premises and business registration. Since predominantly your clients will be individuals, it is enough to open an IP for registering a business. Keep reading opening pet store step by step.

How To Open A Stationery Store?

Room requirements for open a stationery store

Before you open business selling stationery, you should find a suitable premise. It should be noted that the room should be spacious, because in addition to the trading hall with counters and windows, it is necessary to allocate space for a warehouse and room for staff. For starters, you can rent an area in a mall or supermarket. It is also advantageous to open such a department in a bookstore. It is desirable that near the store were educational institutions or office buildings. This will provide you with a steady influx of visitors.

How To Open A Stationery Store?

Store staff

To work in the store you need to hire the following personnel:

  • manager;
  • manager for the purchase of goods;
  • sellers – cashiers;
  • accountant;
  • Driver – forwarder.

If you plan to open a small department in the mall, then it is possible to do on their own.

How To Open A Stationery Store?

We select the range

When you open a stationery store, you need to decide what you will sell. Of course, it is impossible to cover all groups of goods. The range of the store depends on its location. For example, if the store will be located near educational institutions, the range should mainly consist of inexpensive stationery products. If near office buildings, the products should be more expensive and solid. In addition, office workers pay more attention to functional products: a pencil with a rubber band, a pen marker, and so on.

In demand and products of the original design. But, the main thing here is not to overdo it, as too bright and unusual colors and accessories, combining incomprehensible and unnecessary functions, may not appeal to conservative buyers.

It is also difficult to implement a product of outdated design, not a quality product or products of uncomfortable design. Build a range, taking into account primarily the needs of your potential buyers.

How To Open A Stationery Store?

Marketing and customer acquisition

It is difficult to imagine our life without office supplies. This product is in demand not only among students and schoolchildren, it is necessary for different groups and segments of the population. In order to attract buyers, you should consider a service such as delivering goods to the office, since office goods account for up to 60% of total sales. To implement this service you need to have your own transport and freight forwarder.

Well, if you have the opportunity to open a stationery store on the Internet. On the site, anyone can order everything that he needs from supplier catalogs. You organize their delivery to the store or directly to the buyer.

Despite the fact that stationery is very inexpensive, trading in pens, paper clips, pencils and other office supplies can be an excellent business that will provide you with a decent, and most importantly, stable income. And at the same time, the organization of such a business does not require significant cash investments.

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