The steps to self-awareness and to find the direction

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Knowing yourself is not a simple thing to do for each of us. The first step towards change is self-awareness. The second is self-acceptance.

If you want to change and grow, you need to know yourself and accept who you are before you start building OKR.

Here are nine questions that will help you find your passion and your purpose …


1 – Do you like what you are doing now?

If you’re not having fun in what you do for a living, you need to take the time to understand why.

It’s definitely a risk in making a change from what you’re currently doing to what you want to do, but isn’t it also a big risk to stay where you are? Which of the two risks do you prefer to run?

2 – What would you like to do?

All successful people have a strong awareness of their abilities and aspirations. They are leaders in their own lives and dare to pursue dreams in their own way.

When you find your passion, it brings you energy and makes you aim for excellence.

  • You will not fulfill your destiny by doing what you do not like.
  • Passion offers you an advantage over others, because a person with passion is more than 99 people who have only interest!
  • Passion gives you energy.

If you never understand what you really want to do, you will probably be frustrated all your life.

Knowing yourself and what you want to do is one of the most important things you need to do in this life.

3 – Can you do what you’d like to do?

There is a big difference between having a dream that drives you to reach it and pulling out a faint idea. That has no connection with who you are and what you can do.

Here are three questions to ask you if what you want to do is possible:

  • Do you know the difference between what you want and the one you are good at?
  • Do you know what drives you and what gives you satisfaction?
  • Do you know what your values and priorities are and what are the values and priorities of your organization or the environment in which you move?

One of the main keys to succeeding and meeting your goals is to understand your unique talents and find the right field in which to use them with the help of OKR Software.

Discover your uniqueness and then use all the possible discipline to develop it.

4 – Do you know why you want to do what you’d like to do?

I think it’s very important not just to know what you want to do, but also why you want to do it. I say this because the motivations that push you to want to do something are very important.

When you do things for a right reason, this gives you inner strength even when things go wrong. The right motivations also help to build positive relationships because they lead you to put people in front of your personal interests.

Doing something for the right reasons also makes life less cumbersome and your path clearer. Not only will your vision be clearer, but you will also be more carefree, knowing that you are on the right track.

5 – Do you know what you have to do to do what you’d like to do?

Moving on from what you are doing now to what you want to do is a process consisting of the following steps …

Self-Awareness – You must begin to know the choices that take you away from your desired goals. Become very aware of every choice you make today, so you can start making smarter choices from now on.

Action – You can’t get where you want if you don’t leave! You have to take the initiative every day to do something specific that will take you one-step closer to your goal. No one else will do it for you.

Responsibility – Few things lead a person to complete things like responsibility. The responsibility process forces you to be aware of your decisions.

Attraction – “You are those you attract”. This is true in leadership, but it is also true in every other aspect of your life.

If you are a responsible person, attract other people who are responsible. If you are growing up, attract other people who are growing up. This means that you can plan OKRS with a community of people with the same mentality that can help one another succeed.

6 – Do you know people who do what you’d like to do?

If you’ve discovered what you’d like to do, start finding people who do what you want to do with excellence. So do what you need to learn from them and this way;

  • Pay people for their time, if necessary.
  • Be consistent. Meet intentionally each month with someone who can teach you.
  • Be creative. Start with their books if you can’t meet them in person.
  • Be intentional. Spend two hours in preparation for each hour of interaction with them
  • Be reflective. Spend two hours of reflection for each hour of interaction with them.
  • Be grateful. These people are gifts for your personal growth, so be sure to let them know.

Always remember that you can’t get where you want to go alone. You will always need the help of others who can guide you on your way.

7 – Will you pay the price to do what you’d like to do?

When it comes to obstacles to success, we are usually our worst enemies. Starting on the steps necessary to live your dreams and do what you like to do will cost you. You will have to work hard. You will have to make sacrifices. You will have to continue learning, growing and changing.

Are you willing to pay that price?

I hope you’re willing to do it. But know this too: most people are not.

8 – When can you start doing what you would like to do?

If you ask people when they will do what they want to do, most of them will answer that they hope to do it “one day”.

Why not now? Why aren’t you ready?

Maybe you’re not. But if you wait until you are, maybe you never will.

No one has ever prepared waiting. You just have to be ready to start.

9 – What will it be like when you can do what you’d like to do?

When you do what you’ve always wanted, it will be better than you ever imagined.

People say there are two great days in a person’s life: the day you were born and the day, you find out why.

The purpose of this article is just to encourage you to look for what you were put on this earth (you can only get this through self-awareness).

Once you’ve found it, pursue it with all your efforts.

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