Post Covid, Keep Your Hospitality Customers Coming Back

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The Covid Pandemic decimated the Hospitality Industry and many previously successful restaurants, pubs, cafes and bars, after being ordered to close their doors, NEVER opened them again!  Now that the once deadly disease is being kept under control with the use of regular vaccinations, (especially for the elderly and vulnerable), many food and drink venues have managed to reopen and have started attracting customers back through their doors.  Keeping those customers happy so that they return time and time again is one of the most important parts of running a successful Hospitality Venue.  Also, ensuring your qualified Chefs consistently prepare and cook fresh, tasty, locally sourced, food that’s served by happy, well-trained staff.

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Customers don’t like to be kept waiting once they’ve decided what they want to eat or drink, so giving them the control to summon a member of your Team as soon as they are ready, with the use of a revolutionary Restaurant Pager System from a reputable, professional company such as ensures they are attended to when they want to be.

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The clever control Button is located in the centre of the table and pressed by the customer when ready to order. The signal is sent immediately to a tablet or mobile that the staff carry and anyone free to respond accepts the call, the Chefs and Kitchen Staff can also press a call button to indicate that food or drinks are ready to take to the customers table.

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