Why should you have a corporate email? 5 reasons

corporate email
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Today I want to talk to you about an issue that matters for business communication and growth. Yes, we are talking about corporate mail. If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, independent professional or just have some kind of business, you have to read this article.

And yes, it’s going to be a milestone, so be prepared. Can you imagine a person without email or without a cell phone these days?

What would you think of that person?

He might come from another planet, right?

Well, something similar could happen with your business if you don’t have any corporate mail.

We live in the information age, we have access to technologies at a very low cost (or free) and the internet allows us to globalize in a single click.

But there are still tremendous mistakes that continue to be made, such as companies without corporate email.

What is corporate mail?

To have an email that is @ yourcompany.com.

If you are still using Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or Outlook as corporate mail, I must warn you that you are making a serious mistake and you are even ruining many business opportunities.

Why should you have a corporate email?

I will be honest with you.

Creating your corporate mail today is not expensive or complicated at all. You only need to have a registered domain and a hosting plan and that’s it.

Moreover, today you get domains for less than 10 dollars a year and even hosting for the same price.

In short, do not be stingy and invest 20 dollars to improve your corporate image. And that’s why I’m going to explain the reasons for having a corporate email.

# 1 – To generate a good impression

I want you to see the following emails and with one hand in your heart tell me which of them gives you a better impression:

[email protected]

ctglocal @ ctglocalbusiness.com

You see it? The first DOES NOT generate a good impression.

A serious business or company understands the importance of having a website for your business, as well as having a strong digital presence and that includes corporate mail.

From where you are reading me, even in China, a corporate email with @ yourcompany.com will always be better seen than one created with free emails

# 2 – Generate credibility

Here there is not much to say, but using a corporate email, using free email services does not generate credibility.

Worse if you are still presenting yourself as a serious, efficient company with years of experience.

Why does it not generate credibility?

  • Anyone can create a free email (Even hacker or swindler)
  • For current generations, having no web and therefore corporate mail is cause for distrust.
  • The costs of having a corporate email are very low, a serious company could pay them.

So, if you want to generate credibility, it’s time for you to think seriously about having a corporate email, according to what you want to show.

# 3 – Make your business look bigger

Having a corporate email @ yourcompany.com has an automatic effect on people:

That they feel that your company is bigger than it is as per communication term. For example, if I were to attend a meeting and after finishing it, at the time of delivering cards, the other party sees my mail and that this is [email protected] I am sure that person could believe that I have a medium or Big company.

Now, if suddenly my corporate email was [email protected] I am sure (or I am very likely) that this person believes that I have a very small company … or that I do not even have one.

In short, you have to have a corporate email, because it gives a more professional image and makes your business look bigger.

Even, even if you do not have any offices!

# 4 – Because it’s obvious

Years ago it was understandable that the high costs of a .com and a hosting, the complexity of configuring a server or create email accounts, has meant that many companies or professionals prefer to have a corporate email with free providers.

But today is simple.

At this time you can enter GoDaddy, buy a domain.com, then if you want a hosting and in less than 10 minutes and have your corporate email @ yourcompany.com

It’s so easy to do it, so cheap, that it’s obvious that you have to have it. And think that you may already be making yourself known to new generations. For example, for Millennials that are estimated to be the generation of independent professionals, it is OBVIOUS to have a corporate mail @ tuempresa.com because many of them are doing it.

Not to speak tomorrow when Generation Z grows. Directly when they see that your mail is a free email, they will think the worst.

So, if it’s OBVIOUS … It’s OBVIOUS that you have to do it right.

 corporate email

# 5 – Because it promotes your brand

Finally one of the most important reasons to have a professional corporate email is that you will be promoting your brand or your business.

Each time you deliver a personal card, every time you send an email, every time you respond to an email and on many other occasions, your brand will be there.

It’s more. Think the following.

If what you want is that your brand is a recognized brand. Which of the following corporate emails do you think helps the most?

[email protected]

[email protected]

Is it OBVIOUS, right?

If I as a client would like to know more about your brand or company before writing you, I could directly access your website, see details of your company, services, experience, career and more.

In summary, a professional corporate email helps you promote your brand.

In short, I hope that these 5 reasons why having a professional corporate email, will help you to understand the importance of having one.

If you still want to keep that email from Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or others remember that you can redirect so that the emails that arrive there, end up in your inbox of your new corporate email.

But it is important that you have no excuses for not having one.

Rather, in this article, my idea is to make clear to you the importance of managing your personal brand, company or business in a professional manner.

And in marketing … every detail really counts.

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Hi, I am Jhonney Chowdhury; I am an entrepreneur, father, mentor and adventurer passionate about life. At this moment, I am working with depression and anxiety; here is my blogs how to recover from anxiety and how to fight with anxiety. I hope everyone will like my blogs.

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