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How to attract more private capital to PPPs

As an engine of economic growth and poverty reduction, public capital for public-private partnerships (PPP) are on the rise in Latin America and the Caribbean. In the last decade, there were approximately 1,000 PPP infrastructure projects valued at US $ 360 billion. Especially today, in a market of limited fiscal budgets and growing social gaps, …

How To Find A Business Assistant?

Why Companies and Stores Need Customer Interview Campaigns

Many companies and stores operate based on some type of market research. If you want your customers to come back for more, to use your services and buy your products, you need to know what happens inside the customer’s mind. One of the most used methods of understanding consumers’ behaviour is the customer interview. This …

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5 Tips for Organizing and Storing Inventory in a Warehouse

Is your warehouse organized? When it comes to inventory management, many businesses – big and small – are lacking in this department. There are many reasons for this and each company has its own, but one thing that business owners need to know is that an organized warehouse is a vital component of daily operations. If …