How to get carpentry work

how to get carpentry work
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The first steps in any business are always complicated. If you just started a carpentry shop, you are probably thinking about starting to get clients. You can take a look at the following tips. From Cronoshare we offer you some ideas on how to get clients for carpentry.

How to get carpentry work?

For carpenters, finding clients can be a challenge, as for many other professionals. Starting from scratch is complicated and many times we don’t even know where to start. In the following sections, you will be able to assess some specific tips to try to increase your client portfolio.

how to get carpentry work

Lean on friends, family and acquaintances

Friends, family and acquaintances will be your first allies when it comes to getting clients. In fact, you can do jobs for them in the first place. If you offer them quality results, they will not hesitate to recommend you to everyone they know. Thanks to the well-known word-of-mouth system, you will find your first customers. You can also write to those contacts that you consider interesting for your business through email, social networks, WhatsApp … It is a good way to let them know about your company, and you can also ask them for help or advice in whatever is necessary.

Stand out

As you know, there are many carpentry shops, so you will have to stand out from your competition to attract future clients. Establish competitive prices, launch offers and discounts, innovate in your techniques, learn new work methodologies … In short, differentiate yourself and renew yourself.

In the woodworking industry, specialization may be the key. Not only can you work with different types of wood or finishes, but you can also make a classification of the products you manufacture for customers and specialize in one in particular, such as:

  • Custom furniture: kitchen, bathroom, office …
  • Decoration products.
  • Stairs and railings.
  • Pavements: Platforms and parquet.
  • Orders under specifications.
  • Laminated wood.
  • Exterior enclosures: Doors and windows.
  • Built-in or custom wardrobes.

The important thing is that your clients when looking for carpentry in their area, find your company and feel attracted by what you offer. Whether for originality, price results … Use your imagination! And don’t miss the opportunity to ally yourself with other professionals from related sectors, such as reforms. Keep in mind that on many occasions, renovation companies may need the services of a professional carpenter to carry out some work and, if they have you, you will be able to obtain clients without having sought them.

Create your own corporate identity

One of the things you can do to stand out is to focus on creating an attractive corporate image that is attractive to potential clients. In this sense, you can invest in creating a logo that reflects the identity of your business and that people can relate to your work.

Make yourself known on the Internet

It is increasingly common for customers to request the services they need over the Internet. In fact, the network has become a fast, comfortable and efficient method in which to find a solution to any type of problem. With this in mind, why not take advantage of it? To begin with, it is convenient that you create a website for your business to start promoting your services on the internet. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do it: nowadays it is very easy to find professionals with experience in creating professional websites. Keep in mind that your website should include valuable content: you should invest some time in researching what topics arouse the interest of your potential clients and in creating content-oriented to satisfy that information need. It is also convenient to keep in mind that the online strategy does not have to focus solely on one web page. There are certain social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) that could also be useful to gain visibility and attract customers.

Have an online catalog

For a client to want to hire your services for a carpentry job, first of all, they will want to see how you work. It is true that you can always come to your workshop to observe your work in person, but the most convenient option is to have an online catalog. In this way, any client will be able to see your works from the comfort of their home.

Don’t neglect traditional advertising methods

Advertising on the Internet is the most effective option, but you must not lose sight of customers without regular Internet access. For this, it is important to allocate a part of the budget to print advertising: brochures, catalogs, business cards … You can distribute it around the area using techniques such as mailboxes and you will be able to reach different potential customers. If you don’t have enough time to do it on your own, you can always hire professionals to deliver advertising.

Give the best of you

We have offered you some tips and recommendations that could help you get more clients for your woodworking business. However, in the end, what interests you the most is not getting new clients, but getting those clients to remember you and take you into account for future jobs.

In addition, it is important to know how to adapt to each type of client to give them exactly what they need and that they feel that you are putting a special effort in ensuring that their project ends in the desired way.

We hope that you have found all these ideas interesting and that they will help you achieve success with your carpentry business thanks to the acquisition of customers.

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