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Why Companies and Stores Need Customer Interview Campaigns

Many companies and stores operate based on some type of market research. If you want your customers to come back for more, to use your services and buy your products, you need to know what happens inside the customer’s mind. One of the most used methods of understanding consumers’ behaviour is the customer interview. This …

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5 Tips for Organizing and Storing Inventory in a Warehouse

Is your warehouse organized? When it comes to inventory management, many businesses – big and small – are lacking in this department. There are many reasons for this and each company has its own, but one thing that business owners need to know is that an organized warehouse is a vital component of daily operations. If …


Different types of business events

The most commonly held and popular business events are chosen because they successfully achieve what the planners were seeking. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a golf tournament, a conference or a breakfast networking meeting, businesses use these events to bring people together and forge new working relationships. Here are some of the most common business …

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Santiago Stock Exchange: Opening auction and closing auction

In the next space, we will learn what are the opening volatility and closing auctions in the Santiago Stock Exchange. In addition, we must take into account its schedule and some general rules of operation on the opening and closing auctions. There are three share auctions: opening auction, volatility auction and closing auction. The operations …

instrument of capital market
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How much you know about the instrument of capital market

The capital market is the equity market where shares of companies can be traded with the most known and demanded instruments. But in this market not only shares are traded, many other important instrument of capital market also come with this platform. In this small post, I will explain each of them. Some key instrument …

Profitable Business: On The Way To Success
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Profitable Business: On The Way To Success

Today, the choice of an increasing number of people is their own business, which, unlike hired work, gives the opportunity to give up a fixed income and come to financial independence. Despite the fact that the history of entrepreneurship barely totals a quarter of a century, during this time a rather large public sector has …


How Online Commerce Has Boosted the Courier Industry for 2019

The consumer landscape has changed dramatically over the last few years. Whereas once it was the face to face transaction which was the most common, now it is online commerce which very much rules the roost. This is particularly true of the retail industry, which has seen the majority of high street retailers now operating …