Helping an Older Person to Make Use of a Computer Safely

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Computers are a real help to all of us and enable us to do all sorts of things with ease – for older people, having the use of a computer can be a great help, and getting online and making the most of the things that a computer can help with can really improve the quality of life for an older person.

From being able to do the weekly shop from home and have it delivered to the door, to staying in touch with friends and family, older people can benefit hugely from the use of a computer. Many older people are competent computer users, but if you are helping an older person to use a computer who hasn’t had much experience with one, here are some of the things that you should make them aware of …

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How to Tell if Something isn’t Working Properly – There are certain things to look out for that might mean the computer is not working correctly. There may be a simple fix for it, or it might require the help of a professional like this computer repair Gloucester based company https://www.cotswoldcomputermedic

Getting to know how the computer should work and the signs to look out for that something may be wrong with it is important.

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Be Aware of Online Scams – Unfortunately there are lots of scams online and anyone using the internet should be aware and alert. Knowing what some of the signs of scams are, not clicking on a link until you have confirmed that it is from a trusted source and being careful about using your card to pay online are all things that are important to be aware of.

If you think you or someone you know has been the victim of fraud online or have spotted something suspicious, then it is also important that you report it.

Using Social Media Safely – Social media is a great way for families and friends to keep in touch but it is also something that can be abused. Make sure that you and people you know are aware of some of the risks involved with social media, as it is popular with criminals, and scams such as buying and selling are commonplace.

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