What is Rivet Shelving? 

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This shelving is a firm favourite across industry due to its flexible nature and the fact that it comes in a large range of shapes and sizes.

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Not only can it support big loads, but it is very robust and can be put up speedily. As such, it is no surprise that the global shelving market sees this shelving growing rapidly.

It’s all about the connectors

This kind of shelving is incredibly strong, not just because it is composed of welded steel. A lot of the strength and robustness of the shelving is thanks to its innovative connectors. Vertical posts have teardrop shaped holes along them, while the shelf beams which go across the posts have button connectors. These two elements work together to make the shelves absolutely secure.

As such rivet shelving uses the force of gravity as the button connectors interlock with the narrow part of the hole. This means they are not only very stable, but they can also withstand heavy loads.

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Huge capacity

While pallet racks are usually associated with having the most storage capacity, this shelving can actually give it a run for its money, thanks to the way its connectors work. This means it can take high loads. In addition, the way the shelf beams work means that there is even more space available.

Versatile storage

A popular and very clever way to utilise this shelving is to create a mezzanine system. As this shelving comes in such a wide range of shapes and sizes and can also be customised to meet specific needs, it is perfect for fitting into small spaces to create a mezzanine effect to really maximise all storage options.

In the same way, ‘deck over’ shelving systems using rivet shelving can be used to further optimise space. As this kind of shelving is open at all sides, a cube effect can be created to allow easy access.

Single and double connections

This shelving comes with two types of connections – double or single. The type to opt for depends on individual need. Double rivets are typically costlier and take up more space, but they are even sturdier, as they have two connectors on each shelf. If you don’t need to worry about heavy loads, it probably makes more sense to opt for single rivets.

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