Things to consider when designing your commercial kitchen

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A commercial kitchen has specific requirements above and beyond a domestic kitchen. Kitchens in restaurants, cafes and hotels need to work well so that staff can find everything quickly and easily. The design is an art form with many things to consider, including space, lighting, floor layout, appliances and more.

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Space and surfaces

When designing your commercial kitchen, the first thing to consider is planning the layout. You need to think about what appliances are needed in the kitchen and make sure they have enough space. Also think about work surfaces and ensure you have enough room for chefs and assistants to prepare food and to navigate around the equipment safely. There should be clear walkways from cooking areas to working surfaces and to and from the kitchen door. Thinking about what to put where is a vital step when designing any kitchen.


The lighting in a kitchen is important, to allow chefs to prepare the food properly. Lighting is another health and safety issue but also another issue of productivity. Lighting should be bright and clear so that everything is visible. The lighting should extend to all areas, from surfaces and cookers to appliances and walk-in fridges.  Light can come from different bulbs or natural sources such as from windows around your kitchen area. Whilst cooking it can also get very hot so large openings could be handy for plenty of fresh air. For a selection of options you could try businesses offering Double Glazing in Gloucester.

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The kitchen floor needs to be safe and not slippery, and it also needs to be tough and durable. Floors need to be able to support heavy industrial equipment and withstand wear and tear. They need to be water-resistant and have floor drains, while being non-absorbent and easy to clean.

Cooking appliances

The cooking appliances need to be top quality and heavy duty. The type of appliances you need depends on the restaurant, so if you fry a lot of food you need good fryers, while pizzas require top pizza ovens. If you serve a lot of wine, you also need high quality commercial wine coolers.
Cleaning up

Appliances in the kitchen need to be heavy duty to cope with commercial wear. The dishwasher is especially important as it has to cope with lots of crockery and glasses, as well as pots and pans. Waste containers need their own space, as do the clean pots after they have been washed. Sinks also need space, with enough empty areas around them to place dirty and clean pots.

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