Re-Using Land that has Been Contaminated

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In order to re-use land and also to ensure that it is safe for humans and animals, some land needs to be cleared of contaminants. Land that has been formerly used for industrial purposes is often contaminated with various substances making it unsafe – this could be dangerous chemicals, heavy metals or certain substances that make the land dangerous for wildlife or humans.

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Clearing land like this to make it safe again is a complex job, so a specialist land remediation service is needed to be able to ensure that it is done safely and correctly. Once this work is done and the land is safe once again, it can be left and enjoyed by wildlife or re-developed and can be used to build homes on.

The first step in the process of land remediation is an assessment of the site. The remediation company will arrive at the site and study the land, the geographical area around it and also the geology of the site.

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They will then begin to check the hazards that are there. They might drill into the ground to take samples, take topsoil samples and take vegetation for analysis in a laboratory. This will then be an accurate representation of what they are working with, so they can then plan how the area will be remediated.

This could be done by physically removing the areas of contamination, and sometimes it can also be done by using chemicals which get rid of the harmful substances in the land.

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