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After a number of food-related scandals in recent years, consumers are becoming more and more concerned about what is in the food they are eating. People are more cautious about eating artificial ingredients, such as artificial flavourings, sweeteners and preservatives, among other things. Simple, clean, wholesome food is becoming increasingly popular, and consumers are now far better informed about food and ingredients than they were even ten years ago.

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For those working in the industry, there is currently a great opportunity to take steps to simplify the processes surrounding the creation of various types of food. By staying ahead of the increasing trend for simple, natural food, businesses can build a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy food supplier.  Other exciting things that are happening in stores is loosing plastic wrap around items that don’t really need them.  It also seems that we are arranging things differently in the isles and having more deals to pull buyers into walking out with more.  The shops can do this if they have garage shelving  sourced from sites including along the entrance and exit of the store with attractive, colourful products.

Preserving food naturally

The One Green Planet organisation suggests several ways of preserving food without the need for artificial preservatives. Natural ingredients, such as lemons and garlic, have been used for many years as a natural preservative. Food producers and retailers can utilise tried-and-tested traditional methods to preserve food, drastically reducing the need for artificial additives in many cases.

Using the best possible packaging method for the particular type of food can also have a big impact on the shelf life of certain produce. If cost or environmental issues are of major concern, it’s easier than ever to buy used food machinery to take care of packaging or other time-consuming or heavy-duty tasks.

Natural sweeteners

In addition to the backlash against artificial sweeteners in recent years, refined sugar is also currently receiving a lot of negative attention from both the press and consumers. Natural alternatives will become increasingly popular in the nest few months and years. Ingredients such as cinnamon add sweetness and are also great natural flavourings. Natural ingredients such as applesauce are also growing in popularity, and this is already a firm favourite among amateur bakers.

Transparency will become increasingly important, and consumers will have less patience with food labels that list a seemingly endless list of ingredients for what at first glance appears a fairly simple product. Swapping lists of artificial ingredients for simple, natural alternatives will win over consumers and increase confidence in products.

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