Make your own Christmas table runner from fabric

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When looking to style your Park Homes Gloucester location which you bought from websites such as for the festive season, there is nothing more important to the Christmas feeling than a well-dressed dinner table. There has been a boom recently in people creating their own decorations, with homemade baubles and streamers also high on the list of crafted DIY presents. One great idea is to make a fabric Christmas table runner. This is not only an attractive gift but it will also be highly practical for decorating the Christmas table.

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Fabric and colour

A fabric table runner can be made using pieces of cloth and stitching them together in a long rectangular shape. Firstly, measure the space and the cloth to ensure you have the right amount of fabric, then think about the colours and design you want to create. A fabric table runner can be neutral or boldly patterned to suit any taste, and makes a perfect centrepiece for a stylish Christmas table.

Size and shape

Making a fabric table runner requires some sewing skills and also the ability to border the material using a separate piece of cloth. This makes it all hang together beautifully. An ideal size for a table runner is around 42 inches long by 14 inches wide. This would give enough width to place dinner items on while giving enough length to cover the table and leave enough material for an attractive overhang.

Designer fabrics and patterns

You can use any colour combination that you feel works well. There are many designer Christmas fabrics that are perfect for this time of year, whether you want a suitably festive pattern or simply an opulent, festive colour such as deep red or rich gold. You may also wish to try your hand at a pattern or design inspired by different cultures.
Learning to sew

Quilting and patchwork is an acquired skill and one that is relatively simple to learn. There are many online tutorials that can guide you, or it is usually easy to find a local class or even a willing friend who can show you the basics. Once you have the basics mastered you will find creating a fabric table runner a simple task and a perfect DIY present for Christmas.

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