Keeping Rats out of your Drains

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Rats have caused many problems for humans throughout history – from the stealing of food in our homes, to larger events like the bubonic plague, said to be spread by the many rats that had become out of control in the country.

Rats are not something that you ideally want in your home or around it. They are capable of causing a lot of damage to property and reproduce at an alarmingly quick rate, meaning that you can quickly become overrun if the situation is not dealt with quickly. Rats are also known to carry diseases so can also make you and others in your household ill.

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Rats have adapted well to living alongside humans and have made homes for themselves in areas where humans live. We provide them with shelter in and around our buildings, as well as food debris which they are not fussy about!

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Drains and sewers have long been an attraction to rats – these places provide them with all that they need to live and raise their young. However, it is not something that you will want to encourage due to the many reasons mentioned above! Keeping rats out of drains is not something that we can fully protect against, but we can do things to deter them.

If you have any gaps or areas that are damaged, a rat can easily use this as access in and out of the drain. To prevent this from happening, sealing the drains of your home can really help to stop them from getting in.

You can also get special barriers that are placed in and around the pipes in your drains which can block access to the rats whilst still allowing the water to move freely through the pipe.

If you have a suspicion that rats have already invaded your drains and have caused damage, then the first port of call should be a professional like this CCTV drainage surveys Kingsbury based company who will be able to take a look at the drains for you and find damage and also make repairs to it.

Signs to look out for if you are suspicious of rat activity include:

Sounds of scratching which may come from the walls or roof

Holes in walls that look like they have been chewed

Rat droppings

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