Is digital marketing necessary for a business?

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In the early days of the internet it was enough to have an online presence. The technology was new and few companies had fully explored the possibilities that it offered, so having a website was almost a guarantee of attracting new customers.

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Just a few years later and the internet has changed beyond all recognition. Now almost every business has a website and they are all vying for the coveted top spot in the search engine rankings. Trying to get your online voice heard above those of your competitors is a difficult task and even if you do manage to achieve it the fluid nature of the medium means you have to keep working to maintain that position. You will need to get all sorts of equipment and resources to make sure your prepared especially If your business has lots of customers visiting. You will need to make them feel welcome with fresh water, a handshake and a comfortable waiting area with seating provided like the ones from Best Buy Office Chairs.

Going it alone

Many business owners and managers – particularly for smaller concerns – believe that it’s possible to deal with their digital marketing in house. A few keywords here, a meta-tag there and the search engines are sure to pick up on your site. Which used to be the case, but as with everything digital, the times are constantly changing and the technology and systems move on. These days there’s a lot more to it than that, as companies are discovering to their cost.

Forbes offers up a helpful article which could help you to assess whether or not paying for professional marketing assistance is appropriate for your company. If you’re determined not to pay for professional advice The Marketing Donut has some helpful advice on where to start with a paid-for marketing campaign. Google Adwords is one of the most popular campaigns and, provided that you’re confident about analysing the data and reacting accordingly, it’s possible to put together a creative digital marketing campaign. Bear in mind that you have to keep on top of it though, as Google is prone to moving the goalposts on a regular basis!

Calling in the professionals

Don’t assume that professional assistance requires you to pay London prices though. Most towns and cities throughout the UK can offer web solutions right on your doorstep, and usually at greatly reduced prices compared with their counterparts in the capital.

As an example, anyone choosing SEO can take advantage of an innovative Pay on Rankings initiative – choose one keyword and the company will get your relevant page into the coveted Page 1 slot completely free of charge. Once you’ve seen for yourself that the company can live up to its promises you can go ahead and pay for their services for other keywords.

Even if you’re too far away to consider SEO in other county’s it’s worth exploring what local web companies closer to home have to offer, as many of them offer similar incentives and discounts to attract new business.

One final point to consider is that paying for professional digital marketing help shouldn’t leave you out of pocket. The point of the exercise is to drive high-quality leads to your site, ensuring great conversion rates and boosting your profits – making it money well spent.

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