Important Questions To Ask A Removal Company

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When you’re selecting a removal company, there are certain questions that you must ask. This will ensure that you hire a company that is experienced in assisting with house moves, has insurance in place, and can cater to your needs. This article is going to discuss the most important questions that you should ask a removal company.

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Do They Conduct A Survey?

When they carry out a home removal survey it will allow them to look at what’s needed and provide a quote for the job. It will also give them the opportunity to identify any access issues in advance, which can make a difference on move day.

What Size Vehicles Do They Use?

The size of the vehicles that a removal firm uses can have a big impact on how quickly they complete the move. For example, if they are using a small van it may take them many trips to pack up your items. However, if they are using a large lorry this could make the process much quicker. To find out more about Removal Companies Bristol, visit

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Do They Offer Storage?

If you need to store any items that you cannot move straight away, this is something that a lot of removal companies will offer. It’s worth checking their terms and conditions to see if they charge for this or not as it can sometimes add to the overall cost of the move. Likewise, it’s also worth asking about their cancellation policy, as delays can often occur when buying and selling homes.

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