Career skills you can learn from playing rugby

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Rugby is a wonderful way to keep fit, both in terms of strength and cardio, and it’s a very entertaining sport from the perspective of the spectators too. Above that, there are huge benefits for the game’s players beyond the field, with transferable skills set to benefit all areas of daily life, including work and career.

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Working as part of a team is the obvious benefit that rugby offers. Rugby is a game for players of all different shapes and sizes, who all bring different things to the ‘party’. There are rugby training drills available that can help build and improve teamwork. Players learn to understand their own role but also the role of others, and how everyone’s job contributes to the ultimate goal of the team. You learn to rely on and support each other.


Communication is one of the key skills that so many job advertisements state as essential. Put simply, in rugby if you don’t master communication and get it right, you end up injured, so the best rugby players are good communicators too. They can make connections and develop good intuition, which all supports effective teamwork.

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England Rugby provides some reasons for why rugby is good for you and why it’s a great sport to get into at a young age.

Transferable skills

Rugby is a sport that is notorious for changing quickly, and players must be able to adapt quickly. They must be able to think on their feet, reassess, and change plans in an instant. Rugby players must also learn to be resilient and develop a way of coping with setbacks, whether that is losing a match or coming back to fitness following an injury.
Improve your health by playing rugby and get good at it with training drills found online at Sportplan, so that you are in the best possible place to make the most of your other skills and put them to good use in your career.

Working together shouldn’t mitigate the need for a competitive spirit, and that might be the ultimate skill that rugby and other sports can teach us for our career; an interview or promotion will always be an opportunity to do your best, but the competitive spirit should be with you and channelled towards determination.


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