BTL vs ATL advertising, which is the best?

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BTL vs ATL advertising, which is the best? What are their differences and advantages? Both are focused on pursuing different objectives in advertising. So, depending on your goals it should be your final choice. Let’s learn a little more about these advertising terms below.

Difference of BTL and ATL Advertising

This type of advertising began to be seen and known between the 50s due to the success of its campaigns. BTL and ATL are acronyms that in Spanish mean:

BTL: Below the line
ATL: Above the line

With this in mind, let’s learn a little more about its uses. The ATL advertising is used in products and services that require a broader strategy, can communicate in mass media. Your message arrives directly, quickly and comprehensively for immediate or medium-term impact.

Many companies of vehicle brands, airlines, beverages, food, among others; They use this advertising to make their commercial breaks or billboards. It is important to recognize that it can be used for almost any commonly used service or product.

In the case of l to BTL advertising it is not designed to get massively but for a specific market. The key points to develop a strategy are the element of surprise, creativity and the opportunity to connect with the consumer.

This type of advertising makes a combination between the public’s disposition and the information that it will receive. Your communication is more personalized and requires feedback to measure its effectiveness, contrary to ATL, which is measured by the scope of your message.

BTL advertising is applied when you want to leave a teaching , create a social impact or make the consumer reflect. It can be seen in any place that can generate an impact such as: public transport, the street, among others; These can attract attention and go viral because of the care you receive.

To define which is better, you must think about the type of company that will use it and ask yourself, How will this type of advertising benefit me?

Advantages of ATL and BTL advertising

We can summarize the advantages of using ATL advertising as:

  • Build a brand identity
  • Greater appreciation of the product
  • Greater reach

And in the case of BTL advertising, its advantages would be:

  1. Greater segmentation
  2. Greater control of strategy
  3. Custom actions

Both advertisements give a great advantage in different areas, so define BTL vs. ATL advertising, which is the best? It becomes a difficult answer; Some will say that it is ATL advertising and others that it is BTL advertising, the truth is that both well-developed advertisements give a plus to the strategies.

Due to the field offered by BTL advertising, it may be the most used in different businesses or brands, but that does not mean that it is the right advertising for you and your business.

Think about what kind of service or product do you offer? And what market is it aimed at? The answers to these questions will show you which advertising is best for you. If it is a product or service that can reach massively, the one indicated will be ATL but if it is the opposite, BTL advertising will be ideal.

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