Lean marketing How to use it to your advantage?

lean marketing
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What do you think about Lean Marketing? If you are an entrepreneur looking to use the capital of your company efficiently, then this method is for you. We say this because this methodology designed by Eric Ries, called Lean Startups, is the basis for carrying out new ventures.

With the execution of this method, companies can be more efficient in having their capital available. They do it through several steps taken in a cyclical way. With this, you can come to understand customer’s wants. The best thing about implementing it is that your company will be able to change direction quickly. But how to put it into practice?

How to implement the Lean Marketing plan in your company?

The method that Eric Ries has designed involves the following stages: build, measure and learn. Let’s see how you can put them into practice in your company.

lean marketing

Using social networks:

You must have a person who is in charge of the marketing strategy in the different social networks. This person will be dedicated to strategy at all times. Indeed, this work will seal the difference in the results you obtain from the implementation of your objectives.

Getting closer to the customer and offering quality:

You will do this by choosing a channel that allows you to attract new users and dedicate time to them. We suggest you create your own blog, dedicate time and care in order to enhance your company or your brand. Focus on creating quality content and in this way. You will gain qualified leads.

Optimizing segmentation:

To do this, you must perfectly manage what your message is and who of your users is interested in listening to it. If your company has a CRM, integrate it into the marketing campaign or you can use Facebook Ads that will allow you to perform a very precise segmentation at a low cost.

Track metrics:

It has to do with the data that you obtain in the implementation of your marketing strategy. You must set parameters and track them in Google Analytics; The analysis of this data will allow you to make changes to your actions quickly.

Advantages of using Lean Marketing to your advantage

As you may have noticed, you can use Lear Marketing from now on in your company. Applying the marketing strategy based on this method, you can benefit from the following advantages:

You will be able to reduce costs in the implementation of your strategy since you can go step by step. This will allow you to validate each of the actions that you have put into practice in your marketing strategy with the consequent savings in investment.

You will have quick contact with your clients, which will allow you to know their intentions and thus better adapt your strategies. You will also generate lasting relationships with the clients that interest you the most. You will gain speed. This is because the implementation of the method will bring speed to your own approaches.

Better segmentation, since you will apply the right message through the right medium and at the right time for each client. You will do and apply tests aimed at different segments or groups of users that will validate the new paths you will take.

In short, Lean Marketing is a methodology for the communication and promotion of your services or products. Also, keep in mind that you work under quick trial and error. This will reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of your actions. Thus, you will analyze what works or not in your strategy to be able to follow it or take other actions.

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