Using Colour In Your Kitchen

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Kitchens are rooms that we spend a lot of time in, so you want them to be as much a personal space to you as the rest of your home. As we say goodbye to the era where grey has been the dominant favourite colour when it comes to home décor, we welcome in a whole palette of colours that you can really have fun with if you are planning a kitchen refurb project with the help of a professional like this

There are many ways that you can use colour in the kitchen – first of all you should have a look at pictures of various kitchen colours for inspiration and choose the ones that you like the look of best and also ones that suit your kitchen. Coming up with a mood board is a great way to find the styles and colours that you like and also helps you to find colours and materials that go well together.

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You can also decide on the tones of colours that you like – you might prefer muted tones, or bright vivid colours or soft pastels, have a look at the various tones to decide what is best suited to you. From the dark and dramatic jewel tones to bright spring pastels, there is something to suit every kitchen.

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You should also decide how to use the colour – for example, you might choose to keep walls neutral whilst painting all of your cabinets, or the other way round or even both.

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